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looks like we got the first black Eagle Scout…Only took a little over 100 years, Say Will Roberts

Posted by on Apr 16, 2013

Well looks like we got the first black Eagle Scout… Only took a little over 100 years to make that happen. That’s not too bad considering It took a little over 200 years to elect a black president. If the Boy Scout was Gay they probably would have tied!  

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Politics is just a one-way street that ends with a dead-end! Will Roberts Says…

Posted by on Apr 7, 2013

Maybe this is not just lately and maybe this is nothing new… But Politicians never seem to agree with each other anymore. Even if one day a politician says “I hate WAR!” the next day he’ll change his mind and start a fight! Politics is just a one-way street ending in a dead-end & politicians are just an accident waiting to happen.   Hey folks my latest book is out! and some time this year this book will hit the theater circuit in my one man show “A Crackpots Potshot on American Politics”  A Crackpot’s Potshot at American...

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High capacity Porn Magazines, now that’s the answer!

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013

The debate in Washington seems to be how to make the High Capacity Ammo bill work. I have the solution ! The problem is us Men… We’re the shooters. SO… Next to the High Capacity mags , sell high capacity Porn Magazines. I can guarantee guys will never look at another High Capacity mag or gun for that matter EVER again! As a cowboy and being one of the top gun spinners and gun handlers in the world, I can safely say, if you can’t aim and shoot your target in the first 10 shots, GO BACK TO THE SHOOTING RANGE. War is the only reason we need larger, higher capacity guns....

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I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but it’s better than eating it!

Posted by on Mar 25, 2013

I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but it’s better than eating it! Politicians have a bill in front of them that will outlaw the sale & consumption of HORSE MEAT! I know, we eat pigs, cows, … But this cowboy has NEVER rode off into the sunset on a pig! You think the FDA has a hard time making sure cows are drug & hormone free… For this same reason I would never eat Lance Armstrong if I was a cannibal. Hey if you agree that we should be eating horse meat, please make sure you don’t invite me over for a BBQ!   Hey tell Congress what you think! Go to...

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Democrats guilty of assaulting Americans by rolling over and playing dead! Will Says!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013

Trying to teach my dog to play DEAD & I got it! I just say, Democrat, or Gun Reform! & he pretends to be DEAD.  If I say Harry Reid, he will roll over! I hear this all has to do with protecting some Democratic politicians from certain mid term political death, politics over people prevails again! It goes to show you folks that guns are not the only things that kill, ACTIONS and politicians kill as well. Maybe the ban show be on politics. Well at least democrats are practicing what they preach, NO HIGH CAPACITY AMMO! Nope … Just one bullet to the heart of the Assault Weapons...

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