Award-winning TV Comedy Screenwriter & debut Author John DeBellis @MisterPitiful on the Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram.

Posted by on Dec 26, 2012

Follow @MisterPitiful – John DeBellis writer of Standup Guys: A Generation of Laughs GREAT BOOK, Funny guy!

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

Tune in this Thursday, December 27th to or on Saturday, December 29th to or 1480 AM (Washington D.C.) for Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram.  Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram is a political variety show that strives to bring differing and refreshingly unusual viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored. With humor and an open-mind, Will covers the highlights and lowlights of the week’s events.


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The Interview: This week on the radio show we will be bringing a little Holiday Cheer with: Award-winning TV Comedy Screenwriter & debut Author John DeBellis.  He came through the NYC comedy club scene with Standup Guys like Larry David, Richard Lewis, Bill Maher, Rita Rudner, Richard Belzer, Gilbert Gottfried, Kevin Nealon & Joe Piscopo, all of whom endorsed DeBellis’ new book.

Standup Guys:  A Generation of Laughs (BookLocker, October 10, 2012) by John DeBellis,  nonfiction / entertainment memoir, 245 pages, paperback & ebook.

I Know a Conservative: John Brislin (, conservative Las Vegas talk show host will talk with Will Roberts about  The Fiscal Cliff: Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner told Congress in a letter on Wednesday that the nation will hit its statutory borrowing limit on Dec. 31 and Treasury will have to begin “extraordinary measures” to fund the government until the debt ceiling is lifted by Congress. Treasury expects it can avoid default through such measures at least a few week into next year but notes that doing so could be made more difficult if no deal is made to avoid the fiscal cliff.

How many fiscal, debt, spending or other government crises do we have to go through back to back until we recognize that massive downsizing of government on par with FDR’s upsizing is necessary to stop the bleeding and save the “life” of our government?  Or, do we just let it die and see if we can do better with the next country?

Tune into the John Brislin Show.


It’s Foreign to Me: With Hotshot (HotShotPerformer.comThis week our fiasco commentator at large . . . Now that the end of the world is here you might be wondering what life will be like. Will we all really have no condiments but really cool hair? It seems like everybody has great hair in all those post-apocalyptic movies. (Apparently no shortage of stylists after infrastructures have broken down and we’re all scrounging for the last drop of gas and water.) Well, have no fear, the apocalypse might be fun! Think about it. No more fiscal cliff to worry about. No more Starbucks line. No more trying to figure out which side of the gun issue you’re on. Wow, not even a minute into this article and we’ve already found 3 great things about the end of the world!

Truth be told, there are millions of people in our country and around the world who are prepping for a breakdown of society. Everybody seems to have their own idea of what exactly will cause this breakdown but one things for sure, it’s becoming easier and easier for everybody to imagine. We are even privy to an entire realty TV show based on it now. So if the end of the world does come tomorrow, are you ready? Do you have your App for that? Your, Find the closest bomb shelter app? The Which stores haven’t been looted yet app? Wait a minute, there wont be an internet! WooHoo! Another good thing about the end of the world! No more facebook!

Let’s delve into it on this week’s show. Can you remember a time like this? It’s like biblical, Old Testament stuff. Earthquakes and super storms and floods and tsunamis. Economic collapse, social unrest and starbucks downsizing their number of stores! Before too long we’ll be wishing we did start a global conversation about the upcoming zombie apocalypse. Ok. That’s probably where I lost a huge bunch of ya, huh? Zombies. But, believe it or not there is a huge portion of our populace that believes that a biological catastrophe could cause a zombie horde to attack your house. And if you don’t have some Justin Beiber CDs to play to distract the zombies, you’re doomed. (And playing those might even attract some Beiber fans so the zombies have a snack while you make your escape.)

When we do start thinking about it, there are many, many ways the world could end tomorrow. Hey, I know! (Lightbulb) I’ll grill our fearless host Will Roberts on this week’s show on ‘um. He’s got a kid now and needs to know this stuff. ; ) Daunting as it is, we will try to make heads or tales of it all in this weeks segment of … It’s foreign to me. Tune in because after the end of the world there’ll be no more radio to tune in to. Wow! Another good thing about the end of the world!


PICTURE THIS: chatting up corners of the world (  Armand Thomas and Will Roberts Will talk about and view shots Armand took in Mexico.


Winter blows in and we seek escape to warm and welcoming climes.

Mexico at our doorstep is inviting with its beaches and mountain towns.

But headlines lately blare more about brutal bloodshed than vacation packages.

Is it still safe to visit?

Is Mexico any more dangerous for tourists today than, say, your local Walmart or cineplex?

Roam the marketplaces of Oaxaca, taking in the bounty of colors and food.

Kick back in splendid Guanajuato, a vibrant university mountain town.

Or stumble upon a campesino wedding off the main road to Uruapan, and be welcomed like a privileged guest.

Mexico is not immune from trouble, but it remains our faithful neighbor.

As always, safety is based on common sense, but still, for the time being, best avoid the border towns.

Picture This – Dec 27, 2012

“Mexico – avoid the front door”

Tune in this Saturday, December 29th to or 1480 AM (Washington D.C.) for Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram. The show airs at 6 p.m – 8PM. ET each week. Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram as a political variety show strives to bring differing and refreshingly unusual viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored. With humor and an open-mind, Will covers the highlights and lowlights of the week’s events. ALSO: if you would like to listen to this show before Saturday. Log onto and search Will Roberts – 11am PST 2 pm EST Thursday.

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