How to Make a New Year’s Resolution and Keep It: JUST PICK ONE!

Posted by on Jan 1, 2013

People are often more open to making a commitment this time of the year.  They want to start off fresh and do those things that they know are good for them.  You know, tackle those goals that have been put off previous years.


I am definitely one that has cleaned up my diet and strapped on my running shoes on many brisk early January mornings.  It is an early spring cleaning.  We want to dust off our cobwebs and start afresh.  The beginning of the year is a rebirth and with it comes opportunity and gusto to make immediate change.


We need to use this spirit, but make sure we apply some common sense, so that today’s resolutions don’t become tomorrow’s guilt trips.  I understand the desire to tackle multiple areas in our lives at once.  Believe me, in the past, I was all about resolutionS with a fat “S” at the end.  You may want to lose weight, go on a trip, exercise, spend more time with your family, clean out the garage and save more money.  STOP.  You are falling prey to the MORE MORE MORE mentality, and you are setting yourself up for disaster.


Instead, take the Less is More Success approach.  Tackle one resolution at a time.  Do it so well that it becomes part of your life.  You see this with healthy eating when you are told to make a lifestyle change instead of going on a crash, fad diet.  There is great truth in this concept.  You need to make your resolution second nature, a true habit, and then you can move on to the next item in your life that needs fine tuning.


This may seem like a slow approach, but it is not!  It guarantee it.  Instead, it is a winning approach.  When we attempt to do too much at one time, we get overwhelmed because we can’t multi-task, and we tend to give up on everything.  If we approach one resolution at a time, then we will increase the likelihood that we will get through the list of resolutions faster and with lasting change.


My final suggestion is that you make your resolution to slow down and commit to bringing some Simple Sense into your life.  By focusing on less at one time and zoning in on what is truly important, you will begin to take the steps to find happiness in this high-pressure, multi-faceted marketing, email bombarding, availability demanding, social networking world.  You can begin to find peace in the new year.  Happy New Year!

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