Manner Moment: Getting Off The Plane in Style

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013


While traveling by air lately I have noticed a new phenomenon.  When the plane lands people from the back are bolting up the aisle to get to the front.  They are totally disregarding others and pushing to get off first.  They are completely ignoring the timeless rule of one aisle at a time starting with the front.


Now, people come to ride on plains for a variety of reasons, some positive and others negative.  I try to keep this in mind when I see someone acting a bit “boarish” – like rushing to the front of the airplane.  Maybe this person is rushing to a funeral, or needs to get to the hospital to witness the birth of a child.  However, if a drastic situation like this happens to you, then talk to the flight attendant and see if you can be moved to the front.


Otherwise, we need to remember that on a plane we become part of a community of passengers.  It is an “All for One and One for All” situation where if we are courteous to others, then our experience will be that much easier and better.


There is a code of behavior to airplane travel that is in the interest of all.  Take your turn.  Let the people in front go first.  And if you are not ready to quickly get off the plane, then stay seated until you get yourself together.  You don’t want to be that person who bolts up into the aisle, jabbing on the phone and making everyone wait while he or she gathers belongings together.


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