Manner Moment: Standing in Line

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013

Know how to stand in line and how to wait your turn.


The other day my wife was waiting in line at the register with our toddler.  Another aisle opened up and the clerk yelled, “I’ll take the next customer in line over here.”  Immediately the two people who were BEHIND my wife jumped to the newly opened register.  Come on, folks.  If we cannot follow the simple rules presented to us in preschool and kindergarten, then how we will do what is right in more complicated situations.


This is a great opportunity to exercise decensy and kindness. Remember that everyone has a story and may be in a rush for something.  My wife may have been totally cool with staying in line with a toddler grabbing everything in sight, but at least give her the chance to make the decision.  Don’t make the choice for her by just jumping ahead without the courtesy to ask.


Plus remember, our younger generations may be watching you (like my daughter), so set a good example.

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