OBAMA goes duck hunting! Puts lame duck out of its misery, say Humorist Will Roberts

Posted by on Jan 2, 2013

OK, so I have been waiting to say something , anything about this fiscal cliff. I have talked about it on my radio show ( 1480 Am ) with conservatives, liberals, even folks that could care less. The only thing folks can agree on is that politicians are just kids who should have been spanked!

This is the oddest concept, politics that is. The fiscal cliff is about trying to get a bill passed that would allow rich folks to stay rich and poor people to remain broke. I feel that should be the end of my column. I mean, back when we had common sense. however, were too broke for common sense.

The odd thing is that the government is not in place to make money, it’s in place because we need to keep order, socially, economically, and with general laws. I could be wrong on this, but please let me and a few billion in this country know if this concept of government is wrong. Anyhow, this fiscal hostage that we have been in for so long, (SEVERAL YEARS! On off, on off… ) has numbed Americans to the point that we don’t think anyone on the good side will come out alive. We just assume that the inmates have taken over and the only reasonable idea would be to go in and gas them all and cut our losses. In other words; I am not sure that this idea of bipartisanship is possible.

It’s kind of like a divorce with kids. You both want something best for the child, but who’s to say which side has the right idea.

The congress has left the building and if you ask this humorist, with all the technology we now have and with the new congress coming in, there MUST be an app for this.

Replace all the congress with one iPad, a simple laptop from the 90 ‘s or even a person flipping a coin to decide things, its got to be easier than what we have now.
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