President Obama! Tell Congress: NO lame duck session, get ready for DUCK HUNTING season!

Posted by on Nov 18, 2012

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

Ok, so the President’s going to get 4 more years to try to get it right. But of course, you know that the Republicans are going to make it as hard as possible. The big deal right now with our President is that Republicans don’t want to give him a big deal; they don’t even want to give him a break.


The only true break Republicans have tried to give our President in the last 4 years of his term was in this 2012 and the elections, but this “break” was a break from work, one that would send the President back to Chicago for some permanent rest. However, the American people, at least 50-something percent of them, didn’t want the Republicans to be that gracious, and they voted on Mr. Obama to get back to work.
Now I can tell you that in the last couple of days our President has gone from showing us his inner child (last 4 years) to showing us his new “I’ve been working out, and I won’t let you kick sand in my face, go ahead and cross this line attitude.” He’s calling the Republicans out. Watching this exchange I think this next 4 years I will go from being a humorist to a sports commentator. Calling all the shots the Republicans take at the President and the President returning the blows. Moving forward, I think the concept of a lame duck session is going to be changed to “DUCK hunting season.”
Of course I am being optimistic that I simply become this sports commentator I talked about. But with this recent scandal of our top military commanders, I have gone from reporting important issues impacting our nation to Impotent issues of our military. This he said/she said, High School Musical that is being played out is hard for the TV news folks not to talk about because the media’s “MO” is to cover silly issues and make them top priority, cause that . . . SELLS tickets.
With my recent comments on the “Petraeus tango,” I am now officially a trash writer, a tabloid reporter. I guess this is not all bad, after all as a writer nowadays it is hard to get a job, particularly writing anything of value (you know that folks would want to read). Even if I write about how important it is to eat healthy, I’d still need to post a picture of a half-naked person in order to get folks to read it, comment on the picture or at the very least “Like” the picture.
It’s kinda odd that our most recent elections were about jobs, the deficit, and rights of individuals and now all we seem to care about in the media is who was shirtless and who will lose their shirt in the divorce. I feel like a broken record when it comes to the media and their follies, or antics, to sell tickets. Side Note: I know one day I will be speaking on the radio or TV, and out of nowhere the cameras will go off, the radio will become silent and I will hear a shadowy voice from nowhere and everywhere say, “Sorry Will, you’ve made too many BAD COMMENTS ABOUT THE MEDIA, we can’t allow you your freedom of speech anymore.”
During the elections who is it you think made out like a bandit when it came to making money, the media. Think about this for a minute, IF you can afford to PAY attention after this last donation vacuum we call the elections. The media sells billions of dollars of ads to political campaigns, to BOTH sides and really any side of any issue, the prerequisite is that you have money. They give a rate per spot to these campaigns that only compares to that of the rate the nonprofit world gets, in other words CHEAP RATES per spot. The politicians are easy prey to these media medicine show networks – mainly because they have what the politician wants, your ear. And politicians buy these spots because they are like teenagers . . . they know that if someone talks about them badly, then the only way to win back their reputation is by launching a popularity contest at any cost. In the political world we call that a campaign.
But here’s the rub, see right before the Nov 6th elections the media was reporting that Romney and our President were neck and neck. Both sides of the media swore that it was a dead heat, “Film at 11,” “to be continued,” “tune in after this commercial break [wink wink nod nod) for details.” You know, all those cliff hanger terms to get you to buy into the drama. It seems that folks would rather buy smut nowadays than formula for the baby. But I don’t blame folks, we are just being marketed that way. I mean why would you keep flipping to their channels, or why would politicians buy the ads on these stations for that matter, without drama and suspense building in this country.


So really the drug dealer in this low brow tabloid world that we have become is the news media. They “wag our dogs” and get us addicted to drama, artificial or not, so we tune in for more, and in so doing, subject ourselves to more political ads.
Now hold on, I am going to leave you folks with a FREE tip…
If you want to keep the press away from your event, then send them a press release and title it, “NON-profit,” and subtitle it, “How to make people’s lives better.” Then they, the press folk, will surely not attend. Oh, then, pray you don’t have an accident at that event.


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