Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting is the subject of the Will Roberts Weekly Telegram radio show.

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The Interview: This week on the radio show we will be dealing with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.



This week on the radio show we will be dealing with the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. As a gun owner and as one of the top gun spinner, gun handlers in the country, I wanted to bring together a group of my own people (gun trainers, gun spinners, cowboy performers to talk about this issue. However, I believe it is more about how Americans are dealing with the day to day pressures we now face in our country that is driving Americans to the brink of disaster.  Yes it is about guns and myself and some of the top gun people in the country will talk about this and much more on this show.


Guest Panel: 

David Nash a NRA Training Counselor, Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor, as well as a CCW permit instructor and holder. David authored a book on firearms for beginning shooters, as well as run a popular gun related training website and YouTube channel with over one million views.

David Nash is the owner of the Shepherd School and author of Understanding the Use of Handguns and the upcoming 52 Projects for a Self Reliant Life


Joey Dillon, a hollywood movie gun coach for such recent films as looper, gangster squad, jonah hex, has been working with guns for over 20 years. He is a world champion at trick cowboy gunslinging and quick draws and performs a one man show around the world when not working with actors or talking to the camera on the history channel, discovery channel, and more.


Jonathan Mincks (Hotshot)  is an actor, stuntman, showman and weapons specialist with over 30 years experience performing with guns. He is also known around the world as Johnny Hotshot with his one man Wild West show, Armed & Hilarious in which he performs world class trick shooting, blink-of-an-eye fast draw and trick gun handling. This show won him the title of World Champion Fancy Gun Handler in 2009 in Las Vegas. You can learn more at his website, Hotshot travels around the world performing with guns.



Will Roberts is an internationally renowned performer and speaker known for his high-energy and insightful content spiked with humor.  He prides himself on bringing back the common sense and simplicity of America.  As a Cirque du Soleil artist on the Las Vegas Strip, business owner, social media and networking consultant, author, television segment host, and certified performance coach Will truly lives by his word and passionately practices his own Simple Sense advice.


Now don’t be fooled, Will is a Cowboy.  The values and skills of the West are in his blood and are his true passion.  He is an expert with a rope and a six shooter and formerly a featured act in Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis production on the Las Vegas Strip.  After apprenticing with world-renowned Mexican charros and Hawaiian paniolos, Will applied the principles discussed in Simple Sense: Less is More Success™ to master the western art of trick roping and gun spinning achieve his ultimate performance goal.

Will also trains folks how to handle and spin 45 caliber single action guns.




Tune in this Saturday, December 22th to or 1480 AM (Washington D.C.) for Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram. The show airs at 6 p.m – 8PM. ET each week. Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram as a political variety show strives to bring differing and refreshingly unusual viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored. With humor and an open-mind, Will covers the highlights and lowlights of the week’s events. ALSO: if you would like to listen to this show before Saturday. Log onto and search Will Roberts – 11am PST 2 pm EST Thrursday.

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