Social Media Basics: Just The Beginning, Baby

Posted by on Nov 27, 2012

Social Media Basics: Just The Beginning, Baby

Social media provides a great opportunity to expand your reach, to develop quality relationships (followers) and gets people to pass on your message and become potential customers.  Social media is great! We use to call this phenomenon “word of mouth” now its simply known as social media.

In Tweet Text Talk I bring Simple Sense to social media because I believe that we don’t need to work hard, but rather work smart.  Before I delve too far into the simplification of social media, I want to define a few terms that I will frequently use.

Sharing common terminology will make my upcoming Tweet Text Talk posts more valuable to you.  Please note that like all my posts and radio segments, I do my best to cut through the “noise” and classify social media, so you can use it efficiently (read less time and more success) and with less stress (read you can have social media work for you and have time to enjoy what you find important).

Simple Definitions


Your Audience is all the potential people that you can reach, which is endless.  They are the people who may Like your post, Share it with others, or may even get your message via retweet.  Your audience is ever growing as you use Simple Sense techniques to effectively expand your reach.

There are two main groups that fall under your audience: Network Contacts and Fans.  Network Contacts are those individuals with whom you strategically make contact and actively foster a relationship.  These people may be in your industry (e.g., a fellow trick roper or professional speaker in my case) or be part of corporations with which you would like to work.  I like to seek out interesting folks constantly, preferably 10-25 each week, so I can grow my network and expand my opportunities. The more like-minded people you have in your community the easier it is to get your message passed on.

Network Contacts will most likely receive Content that you post, but should receive thoughtful Comments from you as well.  You should read, view or listen to what they post and respond thoughtfully.  However, do not post a message at any time unless it is HONEST (be yourself, this ensures consistency of message and plus folks can tell if you are being authentic or not), MEANINGFUL (present information that is valuable and not that you are “eating popcorn right now.”), AND HELPFUL (answer questions, provide assistance, share relevant posts that you wrote or found).  Always triple check your post before you hit Submit to make sure it fulfills this requirement.  This is your chance to present yourself as an expert and an overall upstanding character.  Think before you type.

Now, Fans are often the recipients of your messages, namely your Content.  For the most part you are not going to actively comment on their Content nor interact with them on a high level of engagement.   If you have 20,000 twitter followers, then of course you cannot be on a first-name conversational basis with all of these people.

Even though you may not be conversing with these folks on an intense interactive level, it is critical that you still follow the HONEST, MEANINGFUL, AND HELPFUL criteria for ALL of your posts.  You may be sharing a personal success, congratulating a Network Contact on a success, or making any other tweet or post, but regardless it is always key to be Honest, Meaningful and Helpful.  This will give you the most bang for you buck, for sure.  It is the first step to saving yourself time and energy, which will in turn give you more time to do what you find truly important.


 Your friend,Will Roberts

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