Transforming Fear into Power . . . Are You Scared or Something?

Posted by on Jan 30, 2013



Let’s talk about the common reason we hold ourselves back from pursuing what we want . . . FEAR.


I feel like this is an important topic to address since we are starting a new year.  There is a poignant symbolism in shedding off the old year to start anew – there could not be a better time to consider what keeps us in darkness and prevents us from committing to take action in setting our priorities and bringing Simple Sense to our lives.


Do you have a fear of rejection and worry about what other think of you?  Do you ever underestimate or undersell your abilities to yourself or others?  Do you prefer to stay within a comfort zone?  Do you hide your feelings?  Do you just let things happen rather than take control?  Do you procrastinate?  Do you lack motivation to start projects?  Do you engage in excessive drinking, smoking, gambling, shopping, etc. and then feel guilt?  Do you operate on auto-pilot and continue the same tired routines even though they may produce stress and an overall feeling that you are not getting what you want done?


Answering Yes to any of those questions is a sign that fear is lurking.  It doesn’t matter if it is fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of change or fear of failure.  Fear is fear.  And the presence of fear, if left unaddressed, transforms and grows and ends in paralysis.  Worse yet, when we exist in fear and don’t confront it, then what we fear is often exactly what we attract.  This creates a vicious circle causing even greater paralysis.



We know that fear is not just emotional, but physically impacts us too since it is tied to the Fight or Flight response.  This means that fear directly impacts our health, along with preventing us from finding the success and happiness that accompanies doing what we truly want.


Fortunately, applying some basic Simple Sense can provide that life-saving rope that keeps you from the physical and emotional quicksand.  Approaching less, instead of trying to attend to the bombardment of MORE MORE MORE, helps to transform fear into power.  By focusing on your priorities and eliminating your clutter, by single-asking, you are enabling your true power and potential to be unleashed.  By working with your priorities and agreeing to learn from both successes and failures, then you begin to break the cycle of fear.  You are no longer reacting, instead you are an active and responsible participant in your own life.


Struggles and feelings that life is just too hard transform into adventure and opportunities.  Choosing to be responsible for your priorities and to take action means you can handle what comes your way.  There is no room for fear in that mentality!

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