Tweet Text Talk: Facebook and Shiny Happy People Holding Hands

Posted by on Feb 19, 2013



Facebook is a great platform for promotion and connecting with others. In business, you cannot ignore this force. Facebook reports that there are now over 1 billion active users each month. This is a huge opportunity, but you need to keep in mind WHY people use Facebook.


First, people thrive off the chance to spotlight their “identity.” I am putting that in quotes because what people showcase is the brightest and shiniest version of themselves. Facebook is a venue for incredible self expression, but it is a combination of who a person is and how that person wants to be perceived.


There was actually an interesting article about how Facebook can make some people depressed because it mostly exposes a user to all the great things that are happening in the lives of others, which can make some people feel like losers compared to these brightest and shiniest versions of others. These depressed individuals were not able to realize how Facebook can distort reality, but I digress . . .


With this desire to self express and create an identity, people take great care in selecting what groups to join, pages to “like” and photos to tag. Each action is a part of this online self.


People also use Facebook to connect to others.


Now, it is critical to view your presence on Facebook with these motivations in mind. You need to present yourself, your product, or your service in a way that will entice people to want to make you part of their identity.

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