Tweet Text Talk: Give Your Website Life

Posted by on Feb 5, 2013

Too often people create a website, and then think they are done.  If I build it they will come.  This attitude it outdated and will not give you results or traffic.  Websites cannot sit in a static state, instead you need to give them life with new content.


Not only will this keep visitors interested, but the search engines will like you for it too.


Please know that you do not have to keep reinventing the wheel.  Once your basic structure and design in place you should not mess with it – this is tied to your brand.  However, the content should be fresh and thought-provoking.  Ask questions and create a need with your content to keep the interest level high.


I set the loose goal of adding new content once a day, 5x/week.  Sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less, but I keep it coming all the time.  That is why a website with a blog design and social media integration is so great.  It simplifies the process by giving you an easily accessed area to post content, which is then broadcast to your social media platforms.  Keep it simple and save yourself time to boot!

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