Tweet Text Talk Simplifies Twitter: Using Hashtags and Testing the Marketing Waters

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012

Tweet Text Talk Simplifies Twitter: Using Hashtags and Testing the Marketing Waters

Twitter Simple Sense


What it is: Twitter is a real-time social media app that allows folks to communicate to followers across the world. Similar to other social media platforms, Twitter originated as an in-office real-time messaging system. People in the company were allowed to send each other messages (but only up to 140 characters). It was released to the public and now Twitter boasts 500M active users as of 2012, and generates over 340M tweets daily.

It is really texting via the internet. However a major difference is that texting is private and Twitter is like having your own billboard on the world wide web. Twitter has played a key role in revolutions and national disaster rescues, and has caught many political figures with their pants down.

One major plus of Twitter is that it is a way to try out different one-liners and comedy bits, as well as test different sales and marketing pitches.

I spent many years working back in the 90′s on infomercials.  Quickly, I learned that these sales pitches were based on emotional response marketing. Instead of saying, “My product is the best,” or “This is why you need to buy my product,” emotional response marketing asks the viewer questions that the viewer emotionally responds to, and in so doing, converts the viewer into the one asking the question. A sales pitch formed as a question, like “Would you like to lose that weight?” or “Are you ready to make millions?” is received by a viewer who says, “YES! I have this need and want an answer!”

The bottom line is that emotional response marketing works!  The problem with this and any others types of marketing before social media, however, is that you spend your advertising budget on copy writers, producers, production and you had no real way to test the waters. Many of the people I know lost millions because what they did cost them a lot and got little or no response. Twitter solves this problem and provides a dynamic and real-time  platform to test the waters to see what may work on a larger marketing scale.


Benefit for you: Twitter allows you to be able to try out a tweet for an ad and see if it gets the call to action that you need. If it does not work, then you can change it by asking a question, adding a picture, or linking to a video. You can experiment with different emotions as well.  Send a tweet that makes someone happy, sad or angry to see how this impacts the response and your overall goals.  You stand the chance of going viral online as well.

You can also target your content with #hashtags and people’s handles (e.g, @willrobertsshow). When you follow like-minded people, you can choose to join in on the conversation or simply watch from the sidelines.


OK, Let’s Simplify Twitter


Frequency: You should check and post 2-5x per day.


Time Saver: Using apps that allow you to use Twitter on your phone is the easiest way to cut your social media time in half.  Look for apps like Tweetdeck.


Content Tip: Focus your content by using hashtag(s) . Here is an example of how to use a hashtag in a tweet.

Do you have a problem getting #organized? Then read my #blog. for tips.

Hashtags quite simply are a keyword with a hash symbol preceding it (#).  Hashtags assign your tweet to that particular subject and allows it to be linkable and searchable. Twitter views hashtags as themes and uses them to link your tweet to all other tweets using that hashtag.  This connects people with similar interests and when people search for particular subjects a well assigned hashtag will bring you people looking for your subject. When using a hashtag, it is possible for millions of people to see your tweets without even being your follower.

Check out to see current and popular hashtags.  If there are any that relate to your message or subject, then by using these hashtags in your tweet, your tweet will be associated with this topic and connected to potential like-minded folk and followers.

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