Will Roberts presents “Tweet Text Talk: Social Media Simplified” to National Speakers Association

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012

Will Roberts presents “Tweet Text Talk: Social Media Simplified” to National Speakers Association

Recently I spoke to the National Speakers Association in Las Vegas regarding social media, but as always, I did it Simple Sense style.  I believe that we need to be smart about our time and energy, it’s the only thing our government can’t tax… YET.  So we need to bring common sense back.  Rather than cluttering up our lives with more demands and responsibilities, we need to set our priorities and focus on what is truly important.  The great end result is that we do less but achieve more.  This same principle can be applied to social media.  I like to call it Social Media Simplification.

Social media, like any form of technology, can be a potential time and energy drain if we are not careful.  It is critical not to get caught up in the minutia, but to work effectively and with purpose.


This particular National Speakers Association Tweet, Text, Talk! presentation and workshop focused on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.  With Instagram being the key platform to use in order to save you time and effectively and succinctly convey your message over multiple forms of social media simultaneously.


In talking about YouTube, I discovered a huge demand for how to use the iPhone or other smart phone devices to produce HD videos for social media.  Having used my iPhone to produce television segments for PBS over the course of the last few years, this was something that I was excited to discuss.  I have learned from both successes and mistakes as to what apps to use, what equipment to buy, and what videographer skills to employ to create a high quality produced piece.


Due to the interest level around the topic of using smart phones to shoot video, I will be covering this topic more extensively in the coming weeks on Tweet Text Talk, as well as, in an upcoming workshop to be held in Las Vegas on December 16, 2012.  More details will follow shortly.


Thank you to all who participated in my recent Tweet Text Talk and the Las Vegas National Speakers Association – I had a great time!


Your friend,

Will Roberts

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