Will Roberts talks with Photographer Armand Thomas on @WeActRadio 1480 AM Washington DC

Posted by on Nov 30, 2012

Will Roberts talks with Photographer Armand Thomas on @WeActRadio 1480 AM Washington DC

Line-up for December 1,  2012

  • The Interview: Will Roberts talks with Las Vegas photographer Armand Thomas.  Born in Egypt and raised in Canada, Armand Thomas’ photos capture the mood of the moment.  In November 2010, Armand visited his native land for just the second time in the 45 years since his family immigrated to Montreal.  Armand said, “It was a momentous trip, traveling up and down the Nile to reacquaint with my rich heritage, enjoying the legendary kindness of the people, their whimsy and resilience, beauty and hardship.  I felt the warmth and frustration all at once. There was tension in the air, but few foresaw the astonishing revolution that would occur only a few weeks later.”  In his photographs, he attempts to reflect the inherent paradox of contemporary Egypt – a freethinking society caught in the jaws of repression, the cradle of civilization entrenched in the past and longing for a brighter future.    http://www.ArmandThomas.com


  • It’s Foreign to Me: This week foreign correspondent and reporter Jon Minks (www.hotshotperformer.com) discusses the commercialism of the holiday season and the way we live in general.

  • I Know a Conservative: John Brislin (johnbrislinshow.com), conservative Las Vegas talk show host, will talk about the future of the Republican party and the direction they all need to take. This segment offers perspectives from both the Left and the Right.


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