Will Roberts talks with Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker and former host of Design Your Life Radio

Posted by on Dec 5, 2012

Line-up for December 8,  2012

The Interview: Will Roberts talks with Wayne Martin, Real Estate Broker and former host of Design Your Life Radio

Wayne Martin is a third-generation real estate broker who grew up in a construction family and worked sweeping out homes at age 12 before becoming a home builder and real estate agent right after high school.

After owning a commercial development company for nine years, he then went on to become a Top Producer in 1998, selling over 100 homes per year in the area of Sacramento, CA. He and his wife Freddie moved to Redding shortly after and now sell over 120 homes per year, putting them in the top 1% nationwide for sales people. He enjoys sharing his in-depth technical knowledge and sales expertise.

We will talk about:

  1. National overview of the real estate market.
  2. Historical overview of boom/bust cycles in real estate. Timing is everything!
  3. Some of the challenges the banking system is having and how that is effecting homeowners and buyers.
  4. Great opportunities for buyers. How to get prepare to buy a home. The importance of fiscal and financial literacy.
  5. What a person needs to do to buy a home in this market.
  6. The importance of working with a professional realtor and lender.
  7. The process of the home purchase. Working as a team member with your realtor and lender. (they are not doing it to you…they are doing with you)
  8. Advantages of owning real estate versus renting.
  • It’s Foreign To Me, our fiasco commentator, Johnny Hotshot  (www.hotshotperformer.com) takes a shot at our role in the United Nations and how the UN plans to take over the world.
  • I Know a Conservative: John Brislin (johnbrislinshow.com), conservative Las Vegas talk show host. What laptops, Internet and mobile phones for enabling grass-roots small business via social media, etc… they might be poised to do for our failing, top-heavy government.  . His segment  offers perspectives from both the Left and the Right.
  • Armand Thomas: We had him on the show las week as a world photographer. Now he joins the show every week with a new set of photos from his travels around the world, and his worldly perspective. ArmandThomas.com This week: Las Vegas
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