Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram UPDATE now a 2 hour show!

Posted by on Dec 20, 2012

This week is a special edition of Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram.  This 2 hour broadcast will explore the issues surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and the gun control discussions that are left in the aftermath.


Hear The Interview with guest David Nash, a NRA training counselor, Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor, as well as a CCW permit instructor and holder.  Hollywood gun coach Joey Dillon and weapons specialist Jonathan Mincks also weigh in on the issue from their unique perspectives.


Photo journalist Armand Thomas discusses the universality of gun violence and the effect on children.  These pictures convey some of the heartbreak that he has witnessed in his travels.


Tune in this Saturday, December 14th to WeActRadio.com or 1480 AM (Washington D.C.) for Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram. The show airs at 6 p.m. ET each week. Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram as a political variety show strives to bring differing and refreshingly unusual viewpoints that can be respectfully shared and explored. With humor and an open-mind, Will covers the highlights and lowlights of the week’s events. ALSO: if you would like to listen to this show before Saturday. Log onto BlogTalkRadio.com and search Will Roberts – 11am PST 2 pm EST Friday.

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