Will Rogers Birthday Celebration with Political Humorist Will Roberts

Posted by on Nov 13, 2012

Whew! I am finally back in Las Vegas.  These last few weeks have been full of speeches, shows and the promotion of my new book, ” A Crackpot’s Potshot at American Politics”  (BOOK INFO) . As many of you may know, I ended my 3 year run with Cirque du Soleil’s Viva Elvis. But, what that means is that I am now back on the road, traveling throughout the the USA and abroad. I’m back on my mission to find common sense and coming to the conclusion that common sense ain’t so common any  more.


This last week I was in Los Angeles, California at the Will Rogers State Historical Park for the birthday celebration of Will Rogers – he would have turned a young 130 years old.  And, I had a great time!


Will Roberts Trick Roper Speaker

Will Rogers Historical State Park Ranch House

I was brought to Will’s home to deliver a speech, throw around a rope and launch my book tour.  Going out to Will ‘s home for me is like coming home. I have spent about 15 years learning about this great man and his philosophy, and it truly changed my life. Now I travel the world, as he did, talking to folks, spinning my rope and campaigning on conversation and communication via my voice and not the smart phone.


It was definitely a beautiful day, but one that this political humorist knew would be slightly more difficult to help people find the humor in politics since the much anticipated Election Day was just two days away.  With the build up to the election, folks were up to their eyeballs, no wait, were actually about three feet above their heads in political anything and everything.  So, it was with kid gloves that I tackled my political spin. The good thing is that I like to believe that both sides of politics are basically the same, one-sided and easy to poke fun at.


I launched right into the day’s events and what I found during this day dedicated to Will Rogers was that folks were looking for a different perspective on politics.  After all the negativity, they wanted a silly side, so they could laugh. I have always said I am in the business of making people laugh, and our government is in the business of maying folks cry.


All in all, these types of events where I get a chance to be around folks that love talking about anything that is on their minds is my type of event.  I like to hear folks’ stories and concerns because people is what life is all about.  You just can’t get connections like this with people on your smart phone.


Thanks to all the wonderful people I met for spending the time and telling me your thoughts and thanks to the Will Rogers State Historical Park for the great work you do!


Your friend,

Will Roberts

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