15 Delicious Games Based on Food Products – Game Sack

Episode 168 – Mmmmm this is a tasty episode that is sure to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst!

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22 thoughts on “15 Delicious Games Based on Food Products – Game Sack

  1. Avoid The Noid is another good game as well. I used to play it on the Commodore 64 when I was much, much, much younger

  2. That Cheetos cheetah would be a good character for a potential crash bandicoot type of game. Would fit in and suit the character really well in that kind of world with that style of gameplay, well much more than it suited the m&m characters anyway that's for sure. Also for McDonald's I think a good game for them would be Burger run, like temple run gameplay but the reason for running is that the character you control has been really greedy with McDonald's and better do a lot of running too regain some health otherwise they will die from arteries clogged with all the fat from the McDonald's foods.

  3. Card game in that noid game where you just got to make sure you choose the card with a higher number than what the computer opponent chooses? So just pick the highest numbered card available to choose and you will win every time right? Where is the challenge? Makes it kind of a pointless game.

  4. Crazy Taxy on the Dreamcast had cool product placement in the form of franchise buildings. I think Pole Position had Marlboro billboards.

    I think I want to take up smoking.

  5. I played Donkey Kong Country and wanted bananas seriously I went out and bought some and ate the whole bunch.

  6. You forgot the Edible Panties mini game in Super Mario Bros. 3. Luigi was sporting a green sour Apple thong and Toad had to chew his way to a hidden warp pipe that lead to stage 12-69, where he would face Bowser and "rescue" the princess's peach repeatedly while Mario watched and worked his plunger.

    Maybe that was just a fever dream.

  7. The Noid is like the pizza version of gremlins, since they were (jokingly) blamed for machinery failure during WWII. Nasty little buggers!!!

  8. It's too bad there aren't any video games based on Subway, Wendy's, or Dairy Queen, since those are the only major restaurant chains that we have over in my hometown. 😛

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