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Who says you have to pay big bucks for luxury? The 2016 Toyota Avalon is one full-size sedan that puts a lot on the table but won’t flatten your pockets. We have five reasons to take a closer look at Toyota’s flagship sedan.
Fancy Features
The Avalon comes well-equipped out of the gate. Standard 17-inch alloy wheels, LED taillights, dual-zone climate and heated front seats are just the beginning. High-end features include available sporty paddle shifters and heated rear seats — all at a fraction of fancy German luxury prices.
Fine Cabin
Once you’re inside the Avalon, the elegant and upscale interior will put you at ease. The standard 7-inch Entune touchscreen is very user-friendly, and the acoustic noise-reducing windshield keeps things quiet. The top-of-the-line Limited trim level features a power rear sunshade, which keeps rear passengers cooler. There’s even ambient lighting. All around, it’s a nice place to be.
Whether you’re with family on a road trip or with colleagues grabbing lunch, the Avalon is as safe as they come. After all, it did earn a 5-star overall government crash-test rating. Not to mention, there’s a wide array of Toyota’s amazing safety features, including seats designed to lessen whiplash injury.
Attractive Design
Toyota gave the Avalon some attitude. The bold front grille grabs your attention from the get-go, while the dual chrome-tipped exhaust finishes clean. We recommend opting for the available LED headlights — they really seal the deal for the classy and sophisticated Avalon.
Comfortable Ride
With a fully independent suspension and a 3.5-liter V6 delivering 268 horsepower, the Avalon has a ride quality superior to most. The extremely quiet cabin is made possible by diffuser panels underneath the chassis, premium touches that only add to the car’s Lexus-like feel.
Autotrader Says
Toyota proves that a luxurious ride can actually be affordable. Consider the 2016 Toyota Avalon before fancy high-end brands, and prepare to be impressed.
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29 thoughts on “2016 Toyota Avalon | 5 Reasons to Buy | Autotrader

  1. Awesome bideo and it's funny that 2016 2017 Lexus ES350 Doesn't have Rear Heated seat……But Lyft and Uber Put it as Luxury but not Avalon? Avalon should be Luxury…

  2. DV宣传册vVCv规划风格V部分VCvv官方复古风哈就是咯

  3. I have this same car and love it beautiful look fast as heck. However I just saw the 2019 and it's a thumbs down for me UGLY the camry looks better. Still the best cars on the road.

  4. I worked at both Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Between ES350 or Avalon, I would pick the Avalon. Both are very similar. You can get a fully loaded Avalon for less than the avg loaded ES350. You will get a lot more features and technology with the Avalon as well. Es350 sure does feels nicer, but if you want the same features as the Avalon, you will be paying alot more

  5. Toyota improved the ride in the 2016. The new body in 2013 had a harsher ride than the previous generation 2005-12. Ive got a 2006 with 395000 miles and its all original except usual wear items, an alternator and two plug packs. amazing reliability.

  6. ничего не поменялось с 2007 года, только губы накрасили. это таже машина как и в 2007 году. (((((((((((((

  7. I bought a 2015 Avalon in August of 2016. 1 yr old with about 29k mileage.  In Atlanta competition in the car market is strong and I negotiated the price down to $21075 (plus tax tag and title only).  So yes, GREAT car, affordable and very reliable.  Gripes?  Gas tank is too small, (15 gal?) and synthetic oil, so oil changes are $65 but I change it every 8-9000 miles.  Good luck to all who are shopping, you can't go wrong with this vehicle.

  8. When Toyota discontinued the Cressida (such a wonderful machine), it replaced it with the dull, ugly, out if shape, not even grandpa worthy car, that was until now. This new Avalon is everything the others were not, for over 2 decades the Avalon was horrible, but this one… this one it is on my list of my possible next car

  9. hi, i have been wondering why some have the cd drive above the screen and others behind the screen. please could you be kind to explain the speaker system and does any model have 5.1 Dolby surround sound speaker system (with front center dash vocal speaker) as that determines if i should get this car or the lexus 2013 es350

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