2017 Honda CBR 1000RR | First Ride

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Check my dope jacket out here: . Also, why did it take me SOOOOO long to get one this beautiful beast of a motorcycle? Let’s get to it on this 2017 Honda CBR 1000RR!

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49 thoughts on “2017 Honda CBR 1000RR | First Ride

  1. I own a 2017 r1 although its a bit under the weather right now but I did manage to put quite a few miles on it as well as all the usual mods. I also just purchased the new cbr1000rr and let me tell you Yamaha has nothing on it. Ive always been a fan of honda for the reliability and quality of there engines but until this new generation of cbr1000's I've always found there sport bikes quite a bit bland. I guess they finally decided to flex their muscles because its a beast. When everybody finally realizes the r1 has been beat, its the usual "well Its fast but the r1 would kicks its ass on the track"…..no it wouldn't. Thats where honda excels its the best handling bike id go so far as to say maybe even including 600s.

  2. Ever wonderwhat the cars next him are thinkin “ why tf he gesturing and pointing at his handlebars like dat 🤨”

  3. I got hyped up watching you drive that bike. That is way over my head and I'll probably get a 250cc…something I can handle! That was exciting though!

  4. I recently bought a 5 year old Busa with only 1000 Miles on the clock, bikes great but in hind site I love the shape of the big Honda's, Blade,1000rr etc.Wish I loked for one of these first.

  5. There rear shock is fucking idiot We’re going to do a review study the bike before you make your review and review sucks and you’re a kook

  6. I do concur about the CBR1000RR super fast idle speed. The bike basically creeps at like 10 mph which is a little unsettling for someone who isn't used to it.

  7. I loved the styling of the generation of 1000rr before this one…I think the R1 is the best looking 1000 on the market rn

  8. Who are you expecting to ride in MODE 1 surely you don't think Chas can laugh and ride at the same time much less in the mode 1

  9. 14:00 “This thing is like vanilla ice cream with sriracha on top” 🤔🤔🤔 not sure if thats a good thing or not lol

  10. Thanks again for this review. I am getting a '19 later this year. I love the external shots while in motion as it really helps to see the ergonomics and how the bike looks in motion.

  11. I really love the cbr line of sport bikes, but I am 6'2 and they seem so small compared to the other 600cc bikes. My first bike was a r6 had a few other bikes and now own a 2018 ZX-14R

  12. I just bought one. Ive only owned 1 bike. A Honda CBR300R. My first ever ride on the 1000rr, I went 135mph on country roads. I came back and I couldnt speak, so I bought it. I litterally couldnt speak, Im sick and I lost my voice in that ride without ever saying a word

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