2017 Mercedes E 400 (333hp) – DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

Today I can present to you the full Drive & Sound with the all-new 2016 / 2017 Mercedes-Benz E400 4Matic (W213 E-Class / E-Klasse) delivering 333 hp, 480 Nm of torque, and a 9G-Tronic transmission. As we are in Portugal to test this stunning piece of technology we wanted to share some imagery about the beautiful coast around Lisboa and Estoril. This particular car comes with the optional AMG-Line inside and out, the color is “seletingray metallic”. First impression are that the 3.0 V6 Turbo sounds quite decent, through a new active-valve exhaust system (also available for C300 & E300?) that opens the valves in Sport+ mode. On the other hand there’s especially the low noise level which sticks out at our first contact. If you LIKE watching clips like this please don’t hesitate to COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!

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42 thoughts on “2017 Mercedes E 400 (333hp) – DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

  1. Danke für das Video!!! Ich brauche es heute, um meinem Freundlichen zu „erklären“ welcher Sound fehlt! :‘( Die MKL ist zum zweiten Mal angegangen und der Motor ist irgendwie nicht in Ordnung. Ich SPÜRE (und „nicht“-höre) es. 🙁

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  4. Damn….I really like the new E Class…..When is the 5 Series full model change coming….I always like this segment. affordable and just nice.

  5. Your tests are totally the best. Sound, the sound is what makes E400 and not the wind sound, talk or tire sound on the road like in many other videos.

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