A game that’s a lot like Centipede but with fantastic graphics, sounds and gameplay. This is the OSX version as I couldn’t get the OS 9 to work whatsoever. Emulators aren’t properly emulating ADB mice.

Nguồn: https://lessismoresuccess.com/

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21 thoughts on “Apeiron

  1. I got Apeiron X and love playing it. But I only have the trial version and I would love to get it registered to be able to play it past wave 15. I use to play back in the late 90's on my old mac. I migrated to at least 4 other mac's and now have imac running OS X El Capitan. And this game still runs. Does anyone know how I can get a serial number and password? Is Ambrosia Software defunct?

  2. Fun fact: the sound at 7:18 is from the movie "When Harry Met Sally," during that "I'll have what she's having" scene.

  3. Wow! Just discovered this. I was so addicted to this game when I had a Mac (with a massive 240 MB hard drive!), from 1994 -98. The sound effects, backgrounds and 'Kumar!' take me straight back…

  4. I ran a high school computer lab in the 90's. Downtime was spent perfecting my game. I had all the mods too: Simpsons, Star Wars, etc.

  5. Holeee shiiit. I used to LOVE this game! OMG!! I haven't seen this in FOREVER!! Bringing back such childhood memories of our first mac in our house. 
    Can you get this game on modern macs now? Anyone know? I'd love to!

  6. Hey Mackinstyle. You ever know the name of the music playing once you start the level? I've been looking everywhere for it!

  7. Ambrosia remade Centipede and Asteriods, I remember. They are now known as Aperion and Maelstrom. MAN those were great games. I gotta revisit them.

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