BANKS – Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition) – Official HQ Audio

Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition) will be available on the DANCE (RED) compilation. Pre-order the DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES 2 album at ALL proceeds go to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Every generation is known for something. Let’s be the one that delivers an AIDS FREE GENERATION. Today and every day 700 babies are born with HIV. We can get that number close to zero. It’s not a question of can we, but will we? That’s why we have come together with (RED) to DANCE (RED), SAVE LIVES.

Join us on World AIDS Day and go to to see all the ways you can get involved.






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39 thoughts on “BANKS – Waiting Game (Kaytranada Edition) – Official HQ Audio

  1. This remix isnt that bad. Since waiting game isnt available for me on soundcloud, I listen to this..

  2. Every time I listen to this I turn it up louder and louder. I just can't help myself. I either need to stop listening to it or be prepared to replace my speakers soon. Tough call…

  3. I Swear i love you  and im still gonna continue to listen to your music but thiss remix his not give justice to you talent.The real version is really better!

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