Battle of Berlin / Enlisted


Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software studio announce the start of the second public playtest of Enlisted — a squad-based MMO shooter game reconstructing World War II battles. Players will try the new Battle of Berlin map for the first time and will participate in the assault on the Reich Chancellery and the Fuhrerbunker.

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39 thoughts on “Battle of Berlin / Enlisted

  1. guys we hope you don't put battleye for this game. battleye is pure shit . can't play my fevorite game in latest windows

  2. Please, seriously, please, don't put censorship in the game, please. I will buy it, I will buy all the DLC, but do not censor the game or the swastikas.

  3. Heeey, this is looking to be much better than Battlefield "get stabbed by a katana-wielding japanese woman in Africa" V.

  4. Donde estan mis cascos hungaros, mis abrigos genericos de civil, mis mujeres con pantalones cargo ajustados al culito y mis mascaras de gas? A esperen… Esto no es battlefield v

  5. I know im late to comment, but, I just wanted to say that it would be nice if the game was optimized for lower PCs

  6. Not to be mean and tbh this game would be died right away if Battlefield 5 added Chapter 7 Eastern Front

  7. Nice enjoyed playing, managed to jump on the last day really enjoyed it.. Look forward to more keep up the good work guys..

  8. You guys need to put realistic animations for the launchers cause it just looks off in this very realistic game.

  9. "Every battle in WW2 – is actually a separate game. "Enlisted" – is not a “mixture” of different WW2 (specific front) episodes, but separate chapters within certain battles." What do you mean?

  10. This game looks so dope. I really looking forward to playing the alpha test!

    However, I believe you guys need to work a lot more on the uniforms. The prime example is the camo patterns on the uniform of the 15th Fusilier Battalion of the 15th 'Latvian' SS Division: Wehrmacht Splinter Zeltbahn (shelter-half) + Helmet with Dot 44.
    Well, you can censor the SS insignia to prevent any controversy of course, like remove collar tabs and such (Wehrmacht insignia on a collar is unnecessary). But at least I think the uniform of the SS related units should be featured with proper camo patterns like the Planetree and Oakleaf (smock, shelter-half, and helmet), also Dot 44 on the tunic and trouser (not on helmet). Nevertheless, this is gonna be an awesome game that's for sure.

  11. The game looks and sounds amazing. Mechanics from majority of feedback I hear are extremely positive.
    Only one thing remains
    When is this game gonna be release/next alpha test?

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