BRICK-FORCE Multiplayer Deathmatch!

My brother and I play Brick-Force! An extremely fun shooter with adorable graphics! We get 5 minutes to build our own bases out of blocks, and then we fight one another in EPIC gunfights using all kinds of different weapons!

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Play it here:

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Music: Matt McFarland


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43 thoughts on “BRICK-FORCE Multiplayer Deathmatch!

  1. I have to be honest
    nostalgia aside
    I want to play this
    but the link redirects me to Kongregate's home page, and the Steam page won't download it

  2. I was thinking at night and randomly remembered this channel’s name. I thought I’d try searching for it and found out they’re still up and going. I probably won’t continue watching the channel, but it’s nice to see an old memory.

  3. Now its time to find a crappy comment I made 5 years ago that is really really embarrassing. Its probably even on a different account..

    Also, game is shut down now 🙁 you are no longer allowed to get it on steam.

  4. "Okay, I gotta build something that will make it harder for you to get in."
    *proceeds to build an open wall around the entrance*

  5. I wondered what happened to them they haven’t make a. Video scene 2019 sorry if this is a late comment.

  6. Damn..I haven’t watched him in like 5 years holy crap..

    This was the last video I watched of him before I stopped watching him for some reason, I miss this time goes by so fast 😉

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