Clear the Clutter, Free Your Mind with Simple Sense

I used to be proud of myself when I’d be sitting at my desk with two laptops going, two phones ringing and the news playing in the background. Until my wife asked me one day, “What did you do today?”  I proudly brought out my list scribbled on a napkin, and another list on one of my many notepads (cause you can never have enough lists).  I looked them over and realized . . . NOTHING!  At that moment I surrendered to the fact that multi-tasking just plain doesn’t work.

Even though we have been told by research and the media for over a decade that multi-tasking is actually task-switching and that it is actually a major time-waster, it is still our default response to handling all the things that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  We try to do everything at once, even though it can be as nonsensical as me trying to text while spinning my rope.

Another way we try to get all these things done is to buy the latest technologies that are sold with the promise that our lives will be easier and time will be saved.  Some people even choose to wait in line for days for these gizmos.  Now, I have every gadget that starts with a lowercase “i”, and apps, boy, have I got apps.

Apple recently announced that its iPhone OS 4 comes with Multi-task support, so we can run lots of apps simultaneously, and that’s while having up to 2000 apps stored on their to boot.   It should be remembered that our iPhones are just computers, they actually can multi-task.  We, however, are not computers, and we cannot multi-task.

It is critical to understand that  in our success-oriented world, it is not technology that brings success.  It is using technology wisely, focusing on what is important and making Simple Sense that brings success.

There is a great deal of stress that comes with feeling that you have not finished everything you want to do and there is a lot of congested pressure when you have too much around you. We feel like we just don’t have the time to do everything that needs to be done.

The simple answer is that we DO have time to everything we need to do, time to do everything that is IMPORTANT.  Simple Sense helps us to cut out those things, habits, and words that are unimportant.  It is somethings that we are missing  in our work and everyday lives.

Once we are committed to Simple Sense, we need to identify what we have, do, and say.  We need to recognize what things, actions, and words are supporting our success and what are just plain getting in the way.  Awareness is a huge step since we do so much an auto-pilot or reactively, instead of being pro-actively, being a head of the change.  By determining what is truly important and needed, we can start to recognize what is Clutter.  I dare you folks to look through your laptop bags, your purse, wallet, your car, and tell me if you found anything, extra… Clutter!

What is CLUTTER you say?

Clutter is HAVING too much.  It is anything that is not adding value, it is not important.

Clutter is DOING too much. It is doing things that are not adding value, that interrupt or distract from what is important.

Clutter is SAYING too much.  It is saying words that are not adding value, that interfere with the main message.

 When a cowboy hits the trail on a long trip the trail bag is packed as lightly as possible, only the bare essentials. There is no room for clutter.  If I want to simplify my life, I have to decide what is important to bring and what is not.

Now don’t think I am a pro at this Simple Sense stuff. As a matter of fact I’m still learning. However since I started simplifying my life and talking to folks about it I have started doing something I have never done before… Organize!  Guys, if you want a way to a woman’s heart, take her to an organizational store.  Call it a date, call it an accident, but trust me it’s a good call.

I have to tell you folks, I have never seen so many ways to simplify your life in my life. That store even had a way you could store your child’s teeth when they came out, and I thought that was the tooth fairy’s job. Now although I am not saying that you need to organize and simplify your life to win your mate’s affections. I will say lesser things have been done in the name of love.  Simple Sense might just be the way to world peace, or at least just peace of mind.

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