DEADZ | Gameplay HD 30Min

Release Date: OPEN BETA Genre: MMO List of MMO Games: Link: Custom Infestation: …


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29 thoughts on “DEADZ | Gameplay HD 30Min

  1. I have 2 deadz inv all you gotta do is subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on my channel aswell only 2 left.

  2. It isn't a nice word to say but it's the truth.
    A group of people steal a game a company has made, customize it, and release it for free.
    It indeed is a good game xD

  3. the engine thought he was falling so when he reached flatter ground he "landed" from the "fall". they already fixed this

  4. DeadZ servers are currently offline because of hacker/duper updates. The servers will only be down for a short amount of time. But do not rely on hearing an ETA. It is questionable but the server will be up soon.

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