ENLISTED – Can Gaijin make a FPS game?

ENLISTED – Can Gaijin make a FPS game? GREAT Diecast Aircraft MODELS ▻ ▻Subscribe: ▷ Discord: …

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33 thoughts on “ENLISTED – Can Gaijin make a FPS game?

  1. YouTube decided to publish this video early, However this game is interetsing, Seems to have had some minor changes as said during the video. Biggest concern is that this game will re-use vechile and gun assets from War Thunder and sell them as premiums in the future.

  2. I think where this game has potential is the audio. The sounds are horrific, relentless, and the intensity is cranked to high. Imagine if Post Scriptum or Hell let loose, had this kind of nonstop destruction and brutality. its freaking WW2 right.

  3. Will it require to buy bullets and repair your weapn with Silver Lions. Will it also be Pay2Win game that provides premium players with buffs and extra overpowering guns

  4. The maps are kinda cool, don't know why but they have a good atmosphere. Hope they will not ruin it, no other decent new ww2 game out there…

  5. probably gonna have to pay for every bullet you shoot, and pay for the repair of your weapon afterwards….

  6. so..this is war thunder from a soldiers point of veiw?..they are covering tanks..planes..ships..and humens..soon..war thunder will just be a massive massive mmorpg…like heros and generals but better

  7. Its very chaotic, feels like an actual warzone, work on the AI and make them truly useful and don't let people differentiate between the players and AI and you can make the game feel much larger than it actually is with a small playerbase, the tank combat is janky as of right now, hope they refine it to the degree of war thunder since with a more limited vehicle selection it should come out a fair bit better and less glitchy… hopefully. Discourage H&G AT rambos, somehow, make sure CAS isn't uber dominant but can STILL change the FLOW but not outcome of a battle and you've got a pretty fucking quality game.


  8. I knew when Gaijin was messing with Cuisine it would have the same shooting, and it does. I'd love to see a modern version of this.

  9. 7:19 just. Look. Reused assets everywhere. This is obviously just a higher res import of War Thunder art & models.

  10. Yeah im avoiding Gaijin games in general. WT was / still has its moment but i already put obscene time into it. Would not do twice and definatly not on this game considering there better shooters out there and you know they over monetise it soon

  11. You got a spelling mistake in your title mate, it's "an FPS". Because the F in FPS is pronounced like "ef" which starts with a vowel.

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