Enlisted – New WWII Shooter

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34 thoughts on “Enlisted – New WWII Shooter

  1. Developers of Post scriptum and Hell let loose, this is what battles should be like, not 20% actual combat and the remainder is well.. very little of anything. Just silence with occasional gunfire in the distance. This game though seems to have the chaotic intensity of a WW2 battle unlike the previous games I mentioned, I think they're still good games but just disappointing.

  2. How do you know if you kill bot or a real person? Tbh shooting 3 different opponents that are playing together and seeing the same name for 3 times doesn't seem so much fun…..

  3. Ain't gonna lie to you but I think that is just Cuisine Royale in FPP mode only with WWII soldiers instead of nakeds fully geared with Pans and etc. Whole in-game menu is literally the same. Change my mind.

  4. Lots of fps lag in the video hope that gets fixed before release but I can tell this game is gonna be my fav ww2 shooter

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