Enlisted – WWII Shooter Update

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21 thoughts on “Enlisted – WWII Shooter Update

  1. I'm very hesitant with this game, the "WW2 shooter" is probably the most oversaturated genre in video game history. And recently it's been mixed, all these duds recently, CoD WW2 was atrocious, Battalion 1944 wasn't good, neither was Days of War. Post Scriptum and Hell let Loose have both probably been the best of the Genre but they both have smaller communities then for example a Battlefield 5 which is probably the best game currently.
    Overall point, WW2 shooters are a dime a dozen, Good WW2 Shooters? Well that's pretty uncommon given all the disappointments that looked promising over recent years We will have to see, this game definitely tries to recreate the frantic nonstop intensity of a WW2 battle, so let's see how this game develops.

  2. Having an issue, trying to sign up for the alpha of this game – everytime i try to sign up, it says to check my email for a verification email. But the email NEVER comes – it doesn't come to my regular inbox nor my junk mail. Has anyone had this issue?

  3. I’m waiting for that match that is a absolute mess, close to the wire, and so close to a tie, but is the best thing ever.

  4. Everyone: pls no microtransaction, micro killed H&G.

    Me: who the hell buy overpriced weapon/vehicle etc. instead of 3 month veteran which you can buy from credits.

  5. A new generation of unaware players being sent to Gaijin's transaction slaughter house now that they've begun scraping the bones of Warthunder's corspe.

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