ENSLAVED: ODYSSEY TO THE WEST All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4k 60FPS

Enslaved is set 150 years in the future where a global war has ravaged the Earth, destroying most of the human race and leaving the world to be plagued by …

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31 thoughts on “ENSLAVED: ODYSSEY TO THE WEST All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4k 60FPS

  1. Underrated Gem. Definitely deserves a Remaster but a Remake would be amazing. I can't help but feel as if the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn used this game as some form of Inspiration, a lot of small details remind me a lot of HZD.

  2. Great game-movie!! This was my first ever Xbox 360 game, so it holds a place in my heart even though it's not that great of a game.

  3. so idk if its something anyone noticed but the shash on his belt always looked like a tail to me, thus making even more parallels to journey to the west with him being sun wu kong

  4. a very cool game like it a lot 💖💖💖💖💖💙💙💙💙https://youtu.be/Ydx76lzjMok💚💚💚💚

  5. This was an excellent game…I just cant understand how this game was not given its due recognition.

  6. It should have been obvious right away, at least as soon as he awakes with his head-piece, but I am doing three other things whilst this is playing, so I did not realise, until he tells her to call him 'Monkey', that this is the Chinese legend, Journey to the West. Now I am actually interested 🙂

  7. Still looks good on 2019. This is how I remembered it while playing on ps3. Now it sucks. I have to play this again on pc. Hehehe

  8. Imagine if this game history was changed to a MAN making the girl slave… those bitchies in real life will make a huge mess about it.
    In truth, i find this game idea disturbing and twisted anyway, the guy should kill the girl or let the bitch die, even if he'll die together, allowing to be made a slave and keep that way… nothing but unforgiven.

  9. One of the best games that is made. The story is fantastic. Character's top notch.
    voice acting. Fantastic.

  10. 🐵 is just awesome, such a great character. Trip can be a bit hard to deal with, especially for the fact that she turns the entire game into one long escort mission.

  11. I played this game and would have actually finished and enjoyed it, but the controls were absolute garbage. Which is surprising, since the developer was Ninja Theory. I guess they learned their lessons from this.

  12. No Wait! How did that dude survive crashing into that building holding onto the pod @10:35
    Does he have super human strength?!

  13. I Remember Playing The Demo Mode Of This Game On My 360 So Many Times I Think, When My Friends Were Around Because, We Kept On Expecting During The Opening Door Cutscene, The Part Where We Would Laugh At, Is 6:40.

  14. This looks great in HD!Still some of the best graphics I have seen to this day. I mainly refer to the cutscenes from this game, of course. Plus the redhead chick is literally like the perfect woman roflolmfao 😛 Good vid!

  15. Feels like this game woulda done really well as a free roam instead of keeping a linear path. If they only forced you on a semi-linear path for the story then fine, but they shoulda opened the game up a bit.

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