Flying from HELSINKI TO BANGKOK (our first time in ASIA!)

After being freezing cold in Eastern Europe for the past few weeks, the time has finally come: We are flying from Helsinki, Finland to Bangkok, Thailand! We are so excited because this will be our first time in Asia…EVER!

Get ready for our new Southeast Asia series to start by flying with us on Ukrainian Airlines from Helsinki to Bangkok over the course of one very long travel day.

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34 thoughts on “Flying from HELSINKI TO BANGKOK (our first time in ASIA!)

  1. สองสามีภรรยาเกียดไทย ทำไมมา ? if you hit thailand why you come in Thailand ?? bad

  2. how do u guys manage the bagages . it is amazing. how to pack everything is need for such a long trip..
    actually need some some guide …..

  3. God job you guys, you should give more info about the places you stop, like the name of the lounges and stuff like that.
    But over all you guys are doing great!!!

  4. ผมขอแนะนำ วันที่12 ธันวาคม 2019 ประเทศไทยมีงานพระยุหยาตราทางชลมารค สวยงามมาก และหาชมยากมากครับ (Recommend for you)

  5. Why don't make your check-in online 24h/48h (depending compagny) before ; you can choose your place in the plane and no queue ; separate boarding counter.

  6. The wonderful life you're experiencing right now is a dream I have for my life that I too will be experiencing one day. Glad that I found you two on Youtube and started following! Love you guys! keep traveling and update new vlogs!

  7. Almost that time again. Nearly 10K subscribers. Great to see your channel continue to grow. Have an amazing time In Asia & stay safe. All the best guys.

  8. Being freezing in eastern europe , are you serious ? Fly to Yakutsk in January there is -50 , than you will feel what is real cold !

  9. Super stoked for the Asian vlogs, I hope you guys are enjoying here, the chaos, nihtmarkets and the awesome food!!!
    Happy travels ✈️ ✈️

  10. 1) It’s a good thing you counted the days you spent in Schengen beforehand. Overstaying in the EU is no joke. The airport experience should improve shortly, all tourist visits will be registered in the Schengen computer system, so nobody will be counting stamps at border control :).
    2) Ukrainian International Airlines are famed for being the cheapest, but they’re cheap for a reason. I’ve heard complaints about food, customer service, comfort… but as always it’s a question of priorities. In my opinion Lufthansa and Austrian are the best on that route.

  11. As a Thai. I'll give you a fair warning on Taxi, always tell them to use meter, or they'll just scam and milk all the money out of you. If they won't use meter then get out, or just use Grab (kinda like Uber).

  12. I'm letting all the commercials run all the way in order to show my respect for the work that you are doing. You are my favorite travel vloggers. Thank you, Jack and Gab.

  13. Enjoy the travel to BANGKOKAsia that is amazing video for your YouTube channel keep with the great video:)

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