FreeJack Parkour Online – Zura – Cheetah (Brasil Version) Part 3/4

Music at the end: Ataraxis – /

I lagged a bit at the 14:00 minute mark for 3-4 races sorry, but you can see what i’m trying to do still!

Tunnel video I randomly used:

Zenitgames – The new name for Hazit. I don’t think they have done much but change the name and keep the game online still so if it goes offline just wait it out and if you can contact the support and tell them to hurry up and optimize the game for Windows 8.1, 10 that would be awesome.

Finally uploaded this extra footage I was planning on putting together sooner but 2016 is a crazy year!

*HD720p or try to load 480p* The maps included in the video are: *UpTown*, Sewer Tour, Schöner Abend, Stadium Hero, Cosmos Jack, Under City, SinoSeismic, Enter The Dragon, Scorching Seaside, GO Sakurunner, Wild Truss.


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