GAME OF SNOW S.K.A.T.E. / Hardest Thing Ever!

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We got snow so of course we jumped out there and filmed a SnowSkating Video! I hope you guys dug it! If we get some more snows this winter prepare for more snow fun. Either way videos all the time so stay tuned!


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45 thoughts on “GAME OF SNOW S.K.A.T.E. / Hardest Thing Ever!

  1. I will design you a robot revive deck and the deck that my dad sent you is a food revive deck I am 10years old you have inspierd me to skate and I just went down a ramp it was a little scary but my dad said that itis

  2. I’ve been watching your skating vids for a bit and all your skating inspired me to skateboard

    Thank You!!!!

  3. Shout out from North Dakota if you guys are really here that's f**** awesome I don't think it's true because we don't have any snow yet it all melted

  4. Ahhhh my ears hurt! I hate the sounds of the squeaking from the foot rubbing against the snowy board yikes 😣

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