Game On [RSMV] – RuneScape style

Watch in 720 if you can =) “Game On” is a song done by watchtheguild … they have an awesome series on Youtube called “The Guild”. Check them out at …


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41 thoughts on “Game On [RSMV] – RuneScape style

  1. Definatly made me smile =] Never heard this song bt its definatly the best song about onling gaming/interacting I've hever heard xD

  2. @BogusDudeGW yeah, i'm working on reuploading this without credits (copyright issues) so they can use it. I love to see the other games also =] I did the Date my Avatar one already =)

  3. Wow… that was amazing! As the first Game On vid you really set the bar high! I'd like to see people top this one!

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