Game Sack Console Crunch #1

Here’s something new I’d like to try, taking a nod from Cinemassacre who does similar things to great success with AVGN seasons. I want to offer more of these types of videos in the future with console episodes and other themes episodes, while keeping them at or around the 3 hours or so. What would you like to see? Or do you hate this idea with every fiber of your being?

TurboGrafx-16 episode 1 – 0:00
TurboGrafx-16 episode 2 – 13:56
Pioneer LaserActive – 56:07
Nintendo Gamecube – 1:13:00
Sega Dreamcast – 1:35:10
Nintendo 64 episode 1 – 2:02:14
Nintendo 64 episode 2 – 2:27:40

Games That Cause Polarizing Opinions –

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50 thoughts on “Game Sack Console Crunch #1

  1. So to answer some questions that so far nobody is really asking but I wanna give answers to anyway: These will only be released in off weeks and not in lieu of new content. Also I only plan on releasing one of these maybe once every 2 months at most. It also helps Youtube see that the channel is alive so maybe Game Sack won't get buried in the almighty overseeing algorithm… well not AS buried anyway. To answer the question you're asking in your head YES I'm in my underwear as I type this. Wait… you're not asking that?

  2. At the end at 3:05:46 a nice melody plays while you guys are doing that “no imagination” scene. What’s the name of that melody ? It’s amazing.

  3. A company like saga should have kept there consoles going, with the ability to add upgrades and continued support for hardware, software and firmware.

  4. Great to see you 2 together , you guys should do some curls in your down time, those frail little arms crack me up. Hey its ok though, you dont need biceps or muscle tone to play games. As a fan i would come over and open your pickle jar for you any time you may need help doing so, thats just how much of a fan i am, lol. PS. Loved this video, great job

  5. So glad I bought Metroid Prime Trilogy years ago before it undoubtedly skyrockets in price like Ninja Gaiden Trilogy for SNES.

  6. By the way guys, anyone who's a fan of the Turbografx-16 NEEDS to check out the BitHead1000 channel here on Youtube. That dude doesn't get NEAR enough love! Dude's got a crazy thick Long Island accent & a penchant for farting on camera. Lol trust me, you guys want to see his content. He needs some shout outs so I'm giving him one here.

  7. LOL they were so Monotone in their old episodes. And the jokes, oh man. I'd recommend this game, even to Michelle Obama. Lol what?

  8. This was such a cool compilation. I always love the "tongue in cheek" dialog/banter between you two. Such good chemistry.

  9. 53:31 anyone know the song here? i don't think it's included in the featured songs list for that episode

  10. Totally agree on JB Harold. Hell i may have already commented this before, but what a great game! Just recently played through it again, which is rare for to finish anything these days!

  11. I love these videos I always considered myself a big time collector but you guys are on another level. Hey btw regarding game cube you guys said it had no fighters beside smash bro’s melee. It has soul caliber 2 with link from Zelda it has a flying dragon sequel it also has capcom vs snk EO which was also on Xbox. It let you do easy supers mapped to the directions on the dpad.

  12. 9:10 The only version of R-Type anyone should be playing is the Amiga version. ;P
    EDIT: I'd also like to hear your opinion on the TurboGrafx-16 Mini console. Is it worth it? Especially for someone who doesn't own the original?

  13. Dear Gamesack, It is said Legendary Axe 1 and 2 are not related but I understood in nr2 at the start your warrior gets attacked and thrown in the pit by the main character of nr 1. SPOILER ALERT: When you defeat him at the end his girlfriend from part 1 (the one you save at the end) is the assassin that tries to take out the evil laughing "hero" at the end.

  14. not showing many games on game cube was absurd! resident evil 0 like all others besides survivor dead aim n re7 that are shit re 1 remake and 0 kick ass n the others on gamecube! godzilla fighting game is great too res evil 0 shoulda been at the front!!!

  15. I have to say, this "Crunch" series speaks volumes of the overall quality of your channel. Maybe it's the whole apocalypse thing, but I found myself watching the entire thing, with great interest. May have taken me three days, but good watch nonetheless. 👊🏾

  16. U guys forgor one of the most important facts, the cd system on the turbo had the best versions of ys 1 and 2 during the 16 bit era possibly even trumps the 32 bit ones due to the animated cutscenes and much better animation during gameplay

  17. I love this idea. Even tho I’ve seen all these episodes multiple times, it’s nice to have them all in a cohesive video to just throw on!

  18. F-Zero GX would be great if the analog stick was any good. The game has a big dead zone and then suddenly all the steering comes in at once. I can even see it in the gameplay in this video.

    The Dreamcast analog stick is fantastic. Center precision is great, and it uses hall effect sensors instead of pots. The N64 analog stick is also fantastic for precision, but doesn't last.

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