Game Scoop! 565: End of an Era for Rockstar?

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game talkshow. This week we’re discussing Xbox’s competition, Rockstar losing its co-founder and lead writer, M-rated classic games, and more.

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24 thoughts on “Game Scoop! 565: End of an Era for Rockstar?

  1. I remember playing Spray when I was a kid. I was about 9 and could already tell it was one of the worst games I've ever played

  2. Game Scoop! is the best video game podcast/show, and has been for many years. Very much look forward every week to watching or listening to Damon, Justin, Sam, and recently Tina chatting up the latest and greatest video game news. The force is strong with each of these Omega Cops (and Ricardo E. Skeleton)!

  3. Hahah the tweet reference watching the video game 20 questions over again noticing there hints to you is great lmao

  4. Sony won the Format wars but did almost nothing after it. All the Bluray menu's suck and often have missing features that you have to pay for. Was a big step backwards from DVDs and I honestly hate everything Sony touch's. If Marvel didn't pull Spiderman into the MCU they would have ruined it again. Almost all of sony's movies suck and so do their format

  5. I have to say that this Shadow of the beast music brought back such wonderful memories of the time my dad brought home an Amiga 2000 with this game when I was like 7 or 8… Almost impossible to play all the way through without cheats… But I played that game sooo much back then. LOVED the music !

  6. Guys, the lighting has improved, the camera pivots to different speakers finally, it's all shaping up in your studio, but you need to get rid of that desk (apologies if someone you know made it) and return to the era of sleek black surfaces upon which your coffees, beverages and reputations rest.

  7. Think you guys might be wrong about the now ex-head writer for Rockstar having wrote all the GTA games as the 1st 2 games weren't Rockstar and the founders of Rockstar didn't work for DMA. As made news in Scotland when it was bought over as was far a large amount of money back then. Not sure if they bought all their games or just Grand Theft Auto when they bought them from Gremlin.

  8. Another brilliant episode from the best video games podcast. What was that uplifting song from?? I loved it.

  9. tfw Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands lives up to its name 🙁 still a super underrated entry in the franchise and I hope Ubisoft brings it back for next gen. Oversight notwithstanding, still love this show and it’s the best thing about IGN

  10. It's funny to me how they completely missed the point of the list, even though it was explained to them. They asked questions and then didnt remember what they asked.

  11. No, you don't control a human. You control a remote control car. That's the thing moving around the screen. Simple.

    Ask if it's a dedicated handheld series. That eliminates the Switch.

  12. It's good that Damien does the questioning since the others appear not to be able to count. Long may he remain in charge.

  13. I freaking loved RC Pro AM! hated how there was always a car that eventually got super speed that you had no chance to beat.

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