Game Scoop! 573: Resident Evil 3 and the Actionized Sequel

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game podcast. This week we’re discussing Resident Evil 3, Doom Eternal, The Last of Us Part 2, Mario …


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26 thoughts on “Game Scoop! 573: Resident Evil 3 and the Actionized Sequel

  1. I think Ghost was pushed back to begin with because of tlou2 delay to may. I think ghost has gone gold already. Launching digitally would be good but then again not every one has good connections or online so they would lose out on it . Plus some people dont like buying digital

  2. I love this panel. It’s for sure the best of all IGN podcasts. Half the time, I jump from the audio only podcast to watch the YouTube video because I’m immensely enjoying the show.

  3. 5 Second Rule (Hard Mode) – games/consoles have to be from one series/family (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo)

  4. I know they are doing the best they can by recording the show at home but the girls sound quality is F'n HORRIBLE! It makes the show hard to listen to. Why wont somebody speak up and tell her to move to another room or something? She should know better, Damn.

  5. It might be a time when a lot of people have a lot of free time, but it's also a time when a lot of people are worried about money. It's very difficult to tell whether releasing now or delaying would be more profitable.
    The launch should probably just go ahead as long as the physical copies are ready to be mailed out

  6. I ship Tina and Sam, they're just too cute together. I always feel like they're trying to make each other laugh and I just love the way they smile at what the other is saying.

  7. I love how 20 questions typically goes off the rails when Daemon can't answer with a simple yes or no lol

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