Game Scoop! 578: Xbox Series X & Gameplay Gate

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game talk show. This week we’re talking about this week’s Inside Xbox, Cyberjunk 2077, Mortal Kombat 11, Robocop, Nintendo Switch catching up to PS4, and more.


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36 thoughts on “Game Scoop! 578: Xbox Series X & Gameplay Gate

  1. Wow I made this observation not even a month ago. I live in nyc and even though I'm alone in a room I'm really not even more than a minute away from someone. I also noticed that I feel lonely more so on weekends and holidays but feel perfectly fine on a random Wednesday. This channel takes my thoughts and literally puts them in video form

  2. Somehow I guessed the answer for 20 questions after they found out it was a 2D PS1 game. For some reason, Oddworld just popped into my head and I have never even played it! Feels good because I never get them before about the 18th question, if at all haha. Thanks for the Scoops, my dudes!

  3. I was waiting for someone to ask a video game 20 questions of: Does this game have frenetic fighting in it? 🙂

  4. You guys and gals should consider having guest youtubers from the online gaming community, so to help expose people to more of the community online. Similarly to the late TotalBiscuit on his cooptional podcast.

  5. Jonathan the Tortoise is the oldest terrestrial animal on Earth at 187 years old, which is not older than America.

  6. Seth says 700 hours on PUBG –


    Me checking Football Manager 2020

    1,161 hours

    looks around nervously

  7. I loved “Real Mature Games”! Should be a returning game for sure! And I thought Predator Hunting Grounds was a pretty easy one in defense of Daemon’s pick.

  8. I remember several games had a free upgrade from ps3 to ps4 like COD, battlefield, Assassins creed, destiny while games like GTAV & MSGV didn’t

  9. I swear they've had Oddworld as a 20 Question before, at least 3 times now. IGN should have an intern check the end of every Game Scoop for 20 Questions that are the same.

  10. Ascent looks way next gen. The textures, lighting, reflections, particle effects and environmental details are way past current gen fidelity. People are just biased against anything that's not first or third person AAA.

  11. Smart Delivery for Xbox is exactly like how PC Games are. You buy a PC game and how that PC game looks depends on whether you play it on a low-end PC or a Gaming PC

  12. Keep that same energy when Sony anounce guys no smart delivery, make sure it doesn't say game play if it's not

  13. I started watching Babylon Berlin (don't know how I missed that one) I love it! It's probably in my top 5 of all time.

  14. Love mortal kombat but no chance in hell im paying 50$ for dlc especially when itll probably be just an hour or 2 of new story. Even the witcher 3 dlc that was absolutely massive and amazing was only 30$ for both expansions.

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