Game Scoop! 580: This New Nintendo Switch Game Looks Amazing

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game podcast. This week we’re checking in with the Omega Cops’ play through of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. But Daemon is also playing an awesome new Switch game. Plus, we’re sharing video game music memories and what made us fall in love with games in the first place. Scoop!


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43 thoughts on “Game Scoop! 580: This New Nintendo Switch Game Looks Amazing

  1. I know I'm pretty late to the party, but Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" reminds me of Lost Kingdoms on GCN. My brother and I were in the bonus room playing games, and we had that song playing. We wanted to here it again, so he put repeat on; but got a phone call from the gf before the song stopped. I played Lost Kingdoms for 4 hours with that song on repeat before I realized he was still gone and the song was still playing.

    That's the only one I can think of, though, because I often play games in total silence. For one reason or another, even though I love video game soundtracks, I would end up just playing the game without sound (and without anything to fill the void). It's actually been quite useful to me now that I have small kids on either side of the game room.

  2. I have a question that's been on my mind but it is quite serious and I would love to hear the scoops crew opinion on it – is there somewhere I can message them?

  3. I remember listening to Backstreet Boys and N'SYNC while riding Epona through the lands in OoT <3 True nostalgia…Actually, I remember even trying to do "dressage" with Epona, changing her movements and speeds based on the music….jumping on the beat, etc. Haha, good times…

  4. …am I the only one slightly offended when the cast don’t say “Hi Listeners”. It’s almost borderline rude🤷🏻‍♂️ I’m here listening to you, the least you can do it acknowledge your fans with a small gesture like “Hello”……TINA!🙄. Not a big deal, I apologize🙏🏼 but c’mon, we’re friends aren’t we?

  5. Watching you four discuss why you all fell in love with video games gave me all the feels! Your recounting of growing up in the 80’s and 90’s is always such a delight and trip down memory lane. Keep doing what you’re doing! Love this show always. Stay safe.

  6. I used to blast Scars on Broadway and M83 and run through Crackdown 2 with British players online nearly daily lol

  7. Scoop! Ring Fit Adventure is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. It's all good though. When Justin asked about peripherals, I instantly thought it was Starlink. It's really sad when you look at Sega's history. I didn't have a lot of games as a kid, but I loved having the Sega Channel. I played so many games through that service. It's essentially the 90's version of Game Pass. Keep up the good work!

  8. SEGA also own Atlus which has created one of arguably the greatest RPGs of this generation if not all time. So yeah SEGA is doing just fine, don’t think we need a new crazy taxi or vectorman. Maybe Skies of Arcadia remake/sequel.

  9. I used to listen to a a Screeching Weasel while playing a PC game called Death Rally, so now whenever i listen to that CD I think of Death Rally. And, I had an Enemy You CD that I listened to while playing jet Force Gemini so I always think of that game when i hear that CD.

  10. You might see game companies move out of California. Some states like Texas are wide open. If game companies want to record an orchestra, they just can't do it in California.

  11. I played many hours of "The Sims" in high school (15 years ago). During which I listened to a lot of "Tool" and "Coheed and Cambria" so anytime those bands pop up, I think of The Sims. Odd combination, I know.

  12. I thought the Sonic movie was fun, as someone who was cautiously optimistic, I ended up really enjoying it. Now it doesn’t stray too far from the standard conventions of CG/live action hybrid films. But Sonic was good, Jim Carey as Robotnik was crazy fun, the action sequences were cool and it set up a good foundation for a sequel that will hopefully dive deeper into the game material.

  13. Sega still makes great games like Valkyria Chronicles, Sakura Wars, Yakuza, etc. and they bought companies like Atlus. Still though would love to see games like Shining Force comeback. Please buy camelot from Nintendo so they aren't forced to only make Mario Tennis games

  14. I shared a room with my brother when final fantasy 8 came out and he had the first eminem album playing so I always associate the 2 together

  15. Damon: You gotta see this game, it has the best art style.

    Me: Are those Pixels?

    (Unpopular opinion, but pixel art sucks. It was alright back in the day.)

  16. I was a huge Batman fan as a kid coming off the two Keaton movies and The Animated Series. So if kid me could have played Batman Arkham Asylum it would have blown my mind even more

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