Game Scoop! Episode 572: The First 10/10 Since 2018

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game podcast. This week we’re discussing Half-Life Alyx, IGN’s first 10/10 since 2018. We also talk about …


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34 thoughts on “Game Scoop! Episode 572: The First 10/10 Since 2018

  1. Regarding the Pre-Sequel and Bioshock collections requiring downloads, this isn't new. I have the Ezio Collection and Americas Collection from Assassin's Creed on PS3. Both run only 1 of the 3 games off the disc and require the other two games to be downloaded to the hard drive.

  2. Half-Life: Alyx is definitely one of thee best games I've played in a long, long time. It's an absolute stand-out on VR, and even outside of VR, it's still one of the best gaming experiences around at the moment imo. Give it a go when you guys get back from quarantine–or get yourselves VR headsets already (once they get some more stock in)!

  3. The division is hitting to close to home it’s a virus spread thru money and there’s contaminated areas with guys in hazmat suits and people are quarantined .

  4. The game that my nephew's and niece's and friends kids have had the easiest time adjusting to are Nintendo Labo games. Even the VR. I'm sure the fact that there is a peripheral makes it easier.

  5. I don't think something like Last of Us II is offensive now. If anything, stories being relevant to their times is great. I think it helps process reality.

  6. Witcher 3 should have been re reviewed after a few months. CD Projekt Red made some well needed changes to the menu's. Improvements to the inventory system made the game feel snappier and they added to the crafting menu to include tagging for needed ingredients. They also updated the look of the UI. I stopped playing Witcher 3 when The Phantom Pain came out and after 200 hours I went back to the Witcher. Felt like a different game. Also, snd this goes for most games, play the Witcher on an ssd on an Xbox and the load times are so quick, ps5 spiderman quick.

  7. When I bought a PS pro I played every exclusive and was not disappointed. Every uncharted. GoW, LoU. I didn’t like Zelda though. Mario was more my speed. Mario Kart. Mario Tennis. I can’t even use my VR though. I realize I’m jumping consoles. Because I have them all.

  8. Doom Eternal should get a 10. The only reason Resident Evil 3 and Last of Us 2 should be delayed is if the developers are unable to work because of the pandemic, not because of people's feelings or sensitivity.

  9. Skyward Sword was a great game! Those that didn’t play through it because it used motion controls won’t appreciate it whether it removes them or not. Their minds have been set.

  10. Last Of Us hitting too close to home is stupid, the top trending movie has been Contagion for fuck sake

  11. Sam, have you ever played Abadox? I love the NES version. If you like Salamander/Lifeforce you'd like this a lot. Don't let the Milton Bradley logo throw you off.

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