Games We Never Beat – Game Sack

Episode 153 – Ever have a game (or games) that you just couldn’t finish but always wanted to? They taunt you from the shelf, knowing that they are better than you. Will they forever remain unbeaten?

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20 thoughts on “Games We Never Beat – Game Sack

  1. Its a shame no one ever talks about Ninja Gaiden for the master system as it was one of my favourite games growing up, although I guess thats to be expected as it only got a PAL release. It was a very hard game but I did beat it a handful of times

  2. I've never beaten Resident Evil 4. For some reason I just can't do the jet-ski ride at the end. Every single time I do something wrong and die.

  3. As a non-native speaker of English Game Sack does double duty for me as an educational show. Joe and Dave keep teaching me new and exciting words usually related to the lower body parts that otherwise I'd probably never come across. I'm looking forward to a day I can use this cool new phrase I learned today: "Well, at least you can still beat your meat."

  4. I know it's ridiculous, but I can't beat Altered Beast… I know it's super short and easy, but I just can't get pass level 3 '-'

  5. Play the snes port of the game the music suck but it’s the same game it’s a bit easier yet I’d rather play the originals but all 3 are on one cart

  6. Breath of fire 5. It was the last Breath of Fire game that I had left to beat. I hated that game and it is by far the worse game I have ever beat. But I made myself push threw that game. I was flipping off the TV as the credits rolled.

  7. "I don't play games to beat them"
    well that's interesting
    "I play them to have fun"
    the hell is he talking about?

  8. The bit in Ninja Gaiden that you highlighted as difficult is actually a pretty good piece of trickery. You just need to understand that you can hit the bazooka projectile with the same stroke as the jumping man, land and hit the bazooka guy and his next shot. I'm kind of depressed that I can remember this from at least 20 years ago.

  9. I didn`t remember EWJ2 being that hard. Yeah the pinball part was cancer but I never really got stuck. Played it on PC and I beat it in a single weekend. Fun times.

  10. weak video, should have been 3-5 minutes. you suck at games N BEING FUNNY, if u were funny your 30 minute videos about nothing might be okay

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