Games with MASSIVE Replayability – Game Sack

Episode 221 – Some games lend themselves to being pulled down from the shelf played quickly and often. These are some of our favorites as it’s hard not to be …


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21 thoughts on “Games with MASSIVE Replayability – Game Sack

  1. Bonks Revenge. SMB3. Sonic Spinball. Jumping Flash. Twisted Metal. Any 2D Metroid. Fighting Golf. Tennis for Gamboy. RBI Baseball. Game Day Football for Playstation. Mario Kart for any system. Testris. Kirby NES. Super Mario World SNES. Perfect Dark. GTA 3 thru 5. Turtles Aracade games for SNES and NES.

  2. The best way to play R-type now is the Switch. You can toggle between the original arcade (as opposed to the PC Engine version which was the best home version prior to this), and remastered 2.5D graphics and higher quality that look quite good. It can even be toggled during gameplay seamlessly with a button press.

  3. Love your videos, and reviews but… Shinobi and pretty much every beat em up are really bad games, and not fun at all. I'm sorry guys, but walking around hitting "A" or "X" is not my definition of entertainment. I'd rather play KoF, or FF. Story, or depth. Not this garbage. Again, love your videos, but your taste is just not right for console game reviews.

  4. WTF, these are all best em ups! How is that infinite replayability? Its the same levels front to back. Replayability means means playing the game different ways. Idiot's

  5. 0:29 I've waited YEARS for an actual joke on this channel. And finally Not Joe managed one. Well done that guy. 9/10

  6. What's the music right there at the end? I'm really digging on it! From the credits, it's from Dragon Power, but who's playing it?

  7. Castlevania SOTN still to this day brings a smile to my face in long or short bursts, a genuine masterpiece and the soundtrack wow

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