GOODBYE DEPONIA "I was Devoured by a Vore Monster as my GF watched"

Goodbye Deponia Gameplay

More chaos, more destruction, more Rufus. Not one, not two, but three Rufuses cause all kinds of crazy mayhem in the long-awaited adventure comedy Goodbye Deponia!

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25 thoughts on “GOODBYE DEPONIA "I was Devoured by a Vore Monster as my GF watched"

  1. I haven’t checked this series in a while and now we have the loli tag basically, I’m pretty sure half these videos you could upload to a porn site with atleast 1 wild tag

  2. I was looking away from my screen, but when the marching started at like 31 I thought you edited in Hell March and was waiting for the vocal to kick in.

  3. I laughed, because you said married with children, i watched it and signfeild. like it was gospel , i loved it that much

  4. 2:45 or so … looks ike the making of a Great 3 stooges episode … LOL

    I can hear their theme song playing in my head "the three blind mice"

  5. When I was in that part, I liked to leave red Rufus in Bozo's bedroom, just to make him stare uncomfortably at Bozo.

  6. So Rufus and Hermes suicided to make three clones that instantly fought over the nucleic acid, when instead he could've used goal's body and made two clones, and pulled rank by being their elder.

    Or just made another goal, since he had all the materials he needed. Or made two goals, sent one to stop the Organon, another to find and rally the rebellion, and searched for baby Goal himself.

  7. I watch ads even if it is 5 mins for falcon! hope you could continue being a youtuber even with this pandemic,

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