– Destruction Through Kills (97 Kills) could be the new version of, but the mechanic changes include changing weapons as you level, instead of the opportunity to change to a different tank. You also don’t change tank/ship.

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28 thoughts on “ – Destruction Through Kills (97 Kills)

  1. Jou lose to many stardust as jou only fight thats dumb its easy to reach gatling gun the last gun i was 1 time in the game with 4 gatling guns

  2. For this game, I am not interested in killing other players, I am just interested in knowing what weapon I will be getting in each level(and the max level that the weapon would not change anymore =P

  3. I have actually gotten 100 kills before. I got super lucky there was no one good on the server and I darned all the way up to the 20th gun (last one). It is a gatling gun and it was so op. I could have got higher but it was really late and I went to bed. 😛

  4. At the end there is a gatling gun/ machine gun where you spam bullets.
    I've seen it before.
    (also great video, keep it up :D)

  5. Well I'm curious too about the other weapons. Esepcially when you need to be good to unlock the last ones. I like that kind of thing.

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