How to play congies

Read this for a brief overview

First step
Flip to see who goes first the person who gets the most congies one there hand goes first.
Second step
Level 1
Throw your congies one a flat surface and choose 1 congie then throw it up into the air and pick one congie up from the table and keep doing Intel there’s no more one the table.
Level 2
Do the same thing but now pick up two at the same time.
Level 3
Do the same thing but pick up 3 now and the one left over just do the same thing as you did in level one.
Level 4
Now this level is where it’s gets hard throw one congie to the air and quickly put the 4 congies on the table and catch the one congie now throw one congie to the air and get back the 4 congies and catch the one congie.
Level 5
Flip again and catch them.


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