How to Remove Clutter From Your Life: More or Less

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts  

Keynote Motivational Speakers Will Roberts

In my work as a social network and social media consultant, I often use a Simple Sense exercise, which can be applied to any area of your life that needs some simplifying.


Making a decision as to what is important and clearly defining what is clutter is a crucial step of Simple Sense and is amazingly empowering to boot.  However, without first making an Inventory of what we have, do and say in the context of the situation we are addressing, then we cannot determine the value of those things, actions and words.


One way I like to tackle these two steps, Inventorying and Making a Decision, in one fell swoop is to use the More or Less exercise.  I love this tool because it falls right in line with Less is More Success.  It helps to identify and consider the importance of things, actions, and words, so we can then do LESS by focusing on what is truly important in that situation or at that particular time, and in so doing, create MORE success.


By first reflecting on what you want MORE of in your life and allowing your mind to consider the possibilities available, we free ourselves to reveal our true potential and the best possible scenarios.  When you give yourself the chance to consider MORE, then you create the space and possibility to achieve MORE.


Next, is the LESS step to this exercise.  It is critical to consider the clutter by asking ourselves what we want LESS of in our lives.  More often than not, the items listed under MORE and LESS are related.  I want MORE quality time with my family at dinner, and I want LESS distractions demanding my time.  By concentrating on the MORE this in turn impacts the LESS, and vice versa.


In the area of social media, you may want MORE twitter followers listening to your message,  you may want MORE people to consider you current and relevant, and you may want MORE time to consider new social networking avenues.  Additionally, you may want to spend LESS time doing the drudge work of social promotion, and you may want LESS apps and social media programs in your life.


By considering what is important and what is clutter, you can begin to find solutions.  When I take the time to think critically, to not just react to change, problems, and demands, I become a change-maker in my own life.


This exercise should take some time.  Do yourself justice by truly thinking about and reflecting upon these lists.  Now again, I think that this tool is most valuable when applied to a SPECIFIC situation or particular time in your day.  Tackling your entire life and trying to create a list for it can be a daunting task when starting out.  Instead addressing one area at a time will keep things manageable and ensure the chances of your success.  Then, you can move on to the next area.


Once both of your lists are put together, it is time to pinpoint your focus.  You should select one item from this already situation-specific list to focus on first.  Remember LESS is MORE Success.  Creating focus and completing tasks before moving on to the next one brings certain success. I will tell you that I do speak for myself, but I bet I am not alone in saying that a guy doing one thing at a time is the challenge.

If you have ever been to a horse race you may notice that the horses wear horse blinders. They are not used to keep the sun out of their eyes. They are used to keep the horse from straying away for the target, the finish line. I am not saying I’d need horse blinders to get a job done. Just consider this excise as your tool to success.


When you pinpoint your focus, imagine what your life would be like with either LESS or MORE of these things, actions, or words.

  • Now, what would it take for you to create MORE or LESS of this item?
  • What blocks or barriers can you anticipate?
  • How do you overcome them?


An action-list of 3-4 ways to bring about MORE or LESS is a powerful first step toward adopting a PRACTICE.  It is a crucial step to start WALKING YOUR TALK and having MORE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE.


Your Friend,

Will Roberts


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