How to Spit Game to a Girl

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Filmed by: Jamie Urena
IG: jayuimagery

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Are you curious on how to spit game or flirt with women? So am I. Watch Mahdi Dennis walk around Broad Street, a well known strip for clubbing and partying; asking women and men if spitting game or flirting actually influences a woman’s attraction to a man. Also, take notes on some of the advice that is given in this video, it is pretty useful. Don’t get distracted too much by taking notes or you’ll miss out on some entertaining craziness that takes place on this wild street. By the end of this video you’ll understand that being yourself is the best way to influence a girl’s attraction to you. Stay ratchet my friends!

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35 thoughts on “How to Spit Game to a Girl

  1. Watching This Before Hit The Clubs On A Friday Night. About To Hit My Closet & Get Hella "SPIFFY" One Time…🤣💪😏

  2. Damn keep posting videos crazy that u at 150 subs. Thought you would’ve been at like 100k with this quality.

  3. Looks, money and status literally gets U half way there….but spitting game is good too. Oh and uh….the guy in the red shirt @8:20 DEFINATELY knock the nail on the head

  4. Lmfao 😂😂 “she’s really cute and she’s got bf so I’m moving on” 😂 keep it up bro 👌💯

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