How To Stay Aligned

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“How to Save a Life” by The Fray (Epic Records)

Song Performed by Cearul
Lyrics Written by Cearul and Konrad Amadeus
Music Mix Created by Baba Z
Video Created by DoctorVenkman

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26 thoughts on “How To Stay Aligned

  1. wtf is happening here… they say it's impossible to be elated and triggered at the same time..

  2. "And due to your alignment change, you get pointed again by the enemy gang." LMAO this is too good. Freaking lit.

  3. You should make some more of this EvE related stuff. I'm still linking this to people in 2019. Its really well done, and still relevant YEARS later.

  4. "cause after all you are not test" YESSS!!!! and I fucking love this song, its beautiful. first time hearing it

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